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INSTALLER TRAINING with the Quik Shot ™ Lining System
- Watch the professionals at Pipe Lining Supply train a customer on using the Quik Shot™ lining system. Click here to view video.

Plumbers, Drain Cleaners and Contractors – If your customer is looking for a permanent fix to sewer back-ups due to roots or general pipe defects, you can offer them the Cured- In- Place Pipe (CIPP) solution to their problem. CIPP has been around since the 1970’s, and was adapted for use in smaller pipes in the 90’s. Refinements to the process have made it fast and affordable for you to own the equipment and install cured in place pipe for your customers. The process can be performed in a four hour time frame, and accomplished by 2 people. Don’t dig up the entire yard and spend days restoring the landscape, sidewalks and driveways!

Pipe Lining Supply, with 2 locations to serve you better, is a wholesale distributor that specializes in the lining material and equipment for the contractors to repair the smaller and/or shorter sewer lines.

The Point Repair system, Sectional Seal™, is also available from Pipe Lining Supply. Sectional Seal™ repairs short sections of all diameters of sewer pipes. A combination of specialized fiberglass mating and resin make Sectional Seal™ a first rate repair system.

Pipe Lining Supply stocks a large variety of felt liner tube, woven liner tube, calibration tube, fiberglass epoxy resin, silica based resin and assorted types of lining equipment to meet the customer’s specific needs. Same day shipping is available.

Whether a contractor uses the inversion method, cable in place method or the drag in place method, Pipe Lining Supply can help you with your material and equipment needs.

Customer service and support is our number one goal! We will provide the best material and/or equipment for your next job!




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